Purpose of the Membership Outreach Committee is to provide professional development programming and services that aid members in improving the skills that enhance their career prospects. This would include events and courses targeting such areas as networking, job search tactics, effective resume writing, communication & presentation skills, career discussions, and access to a financially targeted job board.

    Mentorship Program

    The Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals is proud to announce the launch of a new Mentorship Program. This program is aimed providing a mechanism for members who are still relatively early in their careers to tap into the wisdom and perspective of more seasoned professionals as well as a means for senior people to get introduced to the next generation of professionals in our industry.

    How it works:

    •         Experienced financial professionals that elect to become mentors will be assigned motivated protégés for one year on a one-to-one basis
    •         All attempts will be made to pair mentors and protégés in similar areas of the financial field  
    •         Participants will meet on their own schedule every couple of months and discuss topics of interest  


    Why mentor?

    •         Develop leadership skills as you coach, motivate and empower your protégé
    •         Meet and become acquainted with the up and coming generation of industry professionals
    •         Satisfying way to give back to the financial community
    •         Gain valuable leadership skills
    •         Opportunity to expand the reach and quality of your professional network
    •         Network with fellow mentors


    Why be a protégé?

    •         Learn from the wisdom of a more seasoned professional
    •         Gain new perspective on long term changes and trends in the finance industry
    •         Receive valuable advise on how to properly position yourself for professional growth
    •         Opportunity to expand the reach and quality of your professional network
    •         Benefit from access to an experienced sounding board on career-related issues



    The Mentorship Program will last one year. During the year, it is expected that the mentor and protégé will meet face-to-face four to six times. It will be the protégé’s responsibility to make contact with and coordinate these meetings. Mentors can be quite busy so please be patient and persistent. These meetings can take whatever form is convenient for the participants (lunch meeting, coffees, etc.) While participants are free to cover any topics relevant to the industry please remember that this is a mentor/protégé relationship and NOT a job interview. All protégés will be required to sign a statement that at no time will they ask their mentor for a job. After the one year term of the program participants are of course free to, and hopefully will, continue the relationship.  

    Who can be a in the mentorship program?

    Those wishing to become a protégé or mentor must be conscientious and willing to make a commitment to the program and to accept the challenges and responsibilities that accompany the opportunity. Protégés must be members in good standing of the Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals, currently employed in the finance community, and cannot be full-time students. 



    •         Must be members of the Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals 
    •         Have 10 or more years of finance experience
    •         Currently serving in a senior role at their firm or recently retired



    •         Must be members of the Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals 
    •         Cannot be full-time students
    •         Must currently be employed in the finance industry
    •         Two (2) years of qualified work experience
    •         Must agree to not ask for a job at any time


    To apply to be part of the program


    •         Send an e-mail to indicating your interest
    •         Please include your firm, title, and area of expertise
    •         Please also indicate the best way for protégés to contact you
    •         Let us know what part of town is most convenient for you to meet with your protégé



    •         Send an e-mail to indicating your interest
    •         Attach a copy of your resume
    •         Please include your firm, title, and area of expertise
    •         Let us know what field you would like to be mentored in i.e. fixed income, equities, portfolio management, etc.
    •         Indicate your location so that we can attempt to pair you with someone reasonably close by. This will make scheduling meetings much easier for you.